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  • "Loaded US and EU credit cards For Bitcoin"

Our cards...

These are pre-paid debit cards that are already loaded. The difference between these and a regular CC is that there is no risk involved and they are meant for world wide use. The card won't ever get frozen and can be used just like a regular credit card/debit card.


US prepaid cards - Balance: $2500 (minimum) and up to $5000 Withdrawal limit : $500-$1500 daily ATM

EU prepaid cards - Balance: 2000Euro (minimum) and up to 4000Euro Withdrawal limit : 500Euro-1000Euro daily ATM

If you do not know Bitcoin - please do read manuals, we expect our customers to have an active Bitcoin wallet. We do not work with any BTC Escrow Service. Since some customers had never sent us at the end of the process the key and we could not get our money. Doing business with us is based on long years we have gained trust with our clients.

To purchase and further information, please contact us by e-mail: cc-4u@Safe-mail.net . There are discounts for those who want to purchase more than 10 credit cards - contact us. What we do? In nutshell, we HELP YOU to find fast way to earn easy money , with just few clicks.